About us

About us

H.L. Unico LLC Creation
Our motto: Get the “fork” out of here.
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Birth Story Of My Invention
They Said “Go For it!”
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Hipatia's Mission
For H.L. Unico LLC
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H.L. Unico LLC

Was created literally around the kitchen table. Our business strives to make your life a little easier in order to create more delicious food to enjoy. Our brand emphasizes on unique cooking utensils with a focus on empanadas. In many Hispanic family gatherings – empanadas are extremely popular especially because they are great finger food appetizers.

Hipatia Lopez

Began her career at the age of 21 graduating from college in accounting and onto working for a public accounting firm. She learned to deal with many different types of business owners. She always knew she wanted to start her own business but was not sure exactly in what field. She loves being an entrepreneur with passion and purpose.

Birth Story of my invention

Hipatia’s husband is Dominican and loves to cook for the whole family. One year during the holiday season while her family was preparing the menu in her household which included empanadas. They decided to make 100 empanadas and naturally she was the “closer” which she disliked that job because it took forever and her hands started to hurt. It was at that moment she had an “idea.” She wondered if there was a utensil that can help close them faster than using a regular fork. So she started to do some research and had the idea on her mind 24 hours a day. When she told her family that she wanted to invent one – they said “Go for it!”

The Empanada Fork

H.L. Unico’s First Product

Has Many Features And Benefits:

-Durable stainless steel (great quality).

-Sturdy black plastic handle (Fits comfortably for your hands when your press down and apply pressure-non slip handle).

-Pastry cook tool (Great to close a variety of pastries. For ex: empanadas, apple turnovers, samosas, pasties, mini calzones etc.) 

-Multi-use function (Great for mashing potatoes or bananas or chicken for tacos).

Hipatia's mission for H.L. Unico LLC

Goes beyond selling a product. In her journey she discovered the sad truth about women inventors who hold USA patents which make up about 7% and “Latina” inventors in the USA is less than 1%. She believes in being a role model for young women. It is important to lead by example and give out positive energy to others that anything is possible in this world. She hopes to inspire many more women to invent.

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